Hey, I'm Robbin

and I'm a student at the University of Waterloo.

What I do

I'm a junior studying software engineering at the University of Waterloo. I like design, I love to code, and I'm interested in everything! Most recently, I have work experience with JavaScript(ES6), C#(through Unity), and Java(through Android). From class, I have studied Java and C++. As of now, I'm currently dabbling with Scala.


Who I am

Away from a computer, I'm an avid boardgamer; my faves are Bang and Dominion. I love to top rope and boulder, and I'm trying to reach 5.10 by the beginning of summer. I'm a bass for UW ACE, the open acapella group at school (our EOT set includes Rockabye, How Far We've Come, Holding On To You, and They Don't Really Care About Us). I'm also a dedicated Local Guides Explorer, with 70+ reviews and 40+ places with pictures totalling over 675,000 views. A more detailed bio can be found on linkedin.


My Work

The following are some hackathon projects I've worked on in the past. More can be found at devpost.